Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I Got You

When my mind to crash
I got you
No need to propose
I got you...
Come and pick me up
that you have to do
its not weird about
Because at the end 
We're mad with each other
I'm like to say
I got you...

Don't leave me anymore
just say, you love me
more than anything
don't make me cry because
I got you...
When I'm into your arm
there is no pain, no fear,
am totally free, then i feel
that I'm  flying like a
flightless bird and I'm proud to announce
I got you...
we cannot control our emotions, 
feelings then let it free
then let it happen,
for the bite of love;
we can ignore it and
make us romantic
I would love to say
I got you...
Your love not losing me
I want you, I want  to feel your warmth, 
then let me know you, 
when you make me love,
I just wanna say
I got you...

I need this you, the love of my life
when an being alone
I got you...
When need a place to run to me
I feel weak, you hold me 
close to your chest
I want to feel your warmth
when your lips touch my neck, 
touch my lips, 
touch my whole body, I feel
I got you...

I'm in Love Now Part 2

Allow me to see inside your heart
When my lips against your chest
Yet I can feel your warmth
I'm falling in Love now...

My nude body covered
shadow of your body
Need to hide my shame
from your eyes when you 
to kissed my quiet body
I'm in love now...

I'm on fire now because 
the flame of your body 
tortured to me
I wanna love and want
to hear that how much 
you love me such i do
I'm in love now...

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Monday, 27 June 2016

I'm in Love Now

I can not feel anything when
and how you came to my life
I am rein into your arm
I'm in love now...

Only you can resist my anger
and convert my switch off mood
and create a happiest moment,
so hold me tight
I'm in love now...

No one cannot be better than you
hold me close
I don't wanna lose you because
I want you forever
I'm falling in love now...

If you are not next to me
I'll be incomplete without your smiling
and your adorable shyness
I'm Falling in love now...

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Samajh Jaye Ga

Koi mujhe disturb kare to
burah nehi lagta hai....
Lekin kisi se baat nehi hota
tab achha nehi lagta hai....

Jo kahna tha wo na
kahe saka mai to....
Bus itna dil janta hai
ki woh ekdin samajh jaye ga to....

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Maan kar raha hai jake unse kahe,
mai tumse tutkar pyar karna chahti hu...
Par kya kare koi mera sunta kaha hai,
Bus ek mai hi hu jo hamesha intejar karti hu...

Iss bechaini ka mai kya karu unke bina
kaisi yeh chahat hai,roke se na ruke...
khamoshiyaan mujhe kuchh bhi karne nehi deti
mai to kabka aapni dharkan gawa chuke...

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Good Night Message

''Iss pyar ko kya naam doon''
''Iss tanhai ko kaise sahoon''
''Iss dill ka mai kya karoon"
"Iss maan se aap jatei nehi ho,,, 
achha hi hoga ki mai apse pyar karoon"...

Friday, 17 June 2016

Welcome to Rishitation

Hello, this is Rish. "Rishitation" is all about my poems, thoughts and feelings. I'll update this site with my poems and thoughts when I'll manage to get some time for me. You are always welcome to share your thoughts here with me. Hope we will have good conversation. 

Best Regards